5 Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

If you are like me, your idea of easy breakfast ideas for kids may consist of frozen waffles or a pack of Pop Tarts. Over the summer I realized that we were in quite the funk when it came to giving the kids a healthy breakfast.

In an attempt to get into a new routine, I sat down and brainstormed a few healthier breakfast ideas. Typically when I get all fancy and try to make them some gourmet breakfast they wont’ touch it. Because of this, I needed recipes that were quick and easy enough for the kids to prepare most options themselves. Here are a few of their favorites.

Easy Breakfast Ideas

Yogurt Sundae

Yogurt Breakfast with bananas and gold sprinkles: Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids
Easy Yogurt “Sundae”

Yogurt Sundaes are not only easy and versatile, but you almost trick the kids into thinking they are having a dessert for breakfast! The first day the kids made (yes, they made the creations themselves) sundaes with bananas and sprinkles. We switched it up the next day with strawberries and chocolate chips. Fruits, chocolate sauce, nuts, sprinkles-pretty much grab what you can find in your pantry and let them create! If you want to really go all out, make a yogurt banana split! Add a piece of whole wheat toast with almond butter and they are all set!

And yes, this is pretty much identical to your regular yogurt parfait.

Apple “Cookies”

This one is a fan favorite from my kids and something they have been eating for years. Simply slice apples straight down, making “cookie” slices instead of a wedge slice. We like to add peanut butter and chocolate chips for an easy breakfast idea. Every now and then we throw chia seeds in the mix as well! You can switch it up and add almond butter along with nuts, raisins, or any other topping your family prefers!

Quick Oats

Yes, it seems pretty obvious that this is an easy breakfast idea. It’s not creative at all, I get it. However, we started getting way too comfortable with sugar-filled packets of instant oatmeal. Somehow I forgot that quick oats were just as easy and a heck of a lot healthier than the Dinosaur Egg oatmeal we all love so much. Top your oatmeal off with trail mix and honey and you have a winner!

Gluten Free Waffles

Gluten Free Waffle made into a bear with bananas and chocolate chips: Easy breakfast ideas for kids.
Bear Waffles using mix from Torill’s Table

The idea of making my own waffles scared me. The idea of eating gluten free waffles scared me even more, but trying my best to be a tad healthier. Thanks to Torill’s Table I have overcome both fears! Their gluten free mix was easy to make and tasted amazing. I added a little pumpkin spice and a teaspoon of sugar to the mix and I ate it straight without any syrup. I did get a little creative with the kids, making their waffles into little bears. Head over to their website to order one of their mixes-they have both regular and gluten free options! You can also find the mini waffle maker below!

Visit: Torill’s Table

Banana Nut Pancakes (Gluten Free)

Gluten Free Banana Nut Pancakes from Balancing Lisa

Similar to above, this pancake recipe is a hit! It is a from scratch recipe so it is going to take a tad more time than the previous ideas, but soooo worth it! Perfect for a relaxing weekend breakfast! Head over to Balancing Lisa for an amazing Banana Nut Pancake recipe!

Let us know your favorite simple breakfast idea in the comments below!

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