Girlfriend’s Guide to Surviving Football Season

My husband attended his yearly Fantasy Football draft this past weekend, which reminded me that Football Season is right around the corner! Football Season is an exciting time of year for me, but I know for many girls this is not the case.

For some, football season is the dreaded time of year where your Saturdays, Sunday, or even your whole weekend becomes dedicated to a sport. A sport that seemingly takes over your partner. From draft parties to SportsCenter marathons, and endless conversations on how their team will do this year, it’s hard to get in some quality date time (or even Netflix time) during football months!

I actually love football season. My dad would make us watch Pittsburgh Steelers games on the weekends, and even though it took me a while to warm up to the sport it became something I looked forward to. My would get pretty into the games, and that is something he definitely passed on! In college my friends and I would go out to watch almost every game. My husband and I’s first date was go to somewhere that was playing the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys game, which was my idea.

Even though I love football, I never knew how serious a guy could be about football season until I started dating my husband. It was next level. It didn’t help matters that he worked for EA making Madden NFL. 10+ years. I can’t help but wonder how awful it must be for a girl (or guy) who doesn’t like football to have to deal with this every single year!

To help you all out, I have a simple guide to surviving football season! Here are all of the tips I have learned throughout the year to help you get through football season while still having fun!

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Girlfriend’s Guide To Football Season


It is insanely boring to watch a sport you know nothing about. Take some time to learn the game. Learn the rules and the scoring to help you have a better idea of what you are watching.

Bonus: Throwing out words such as Safety, Offsides, and Two Point Conversion just may impress your man, especially if he assumes you know nothing about the sport!


Having a team to root for automatically makes football more fun to watch. Go to and look over the teams, their cities, their colors, and their most popular players. If you have a city you like to root for, it’s an easy choice! Sometimes I like to pick teams based off of colors I like or players that I know.


Along with having a team to root for, having players that you like to follow makes football season way more enjoyable! I like to search popular players, players that are relevant in pop culture, players who are attractive, and players that have really fun names (example: JuJu Smith-Schuster). Get a head start by checkout out’s list for Top 100 players of 2019.


This may be the #1 factor for me when it comes to enjoying football season. Even if you aren’t a fan of watching football it is always fun to keep up with your own fantasy team. Having a bit of an investment into the games gives you a reason to actually pay attention to the game! Best case scenario is to join an already existing league. If you need to start your own, it’s totally doable. Yahoo is an easy league, and you can Youtube how to get it started! You can also ask your partner for advice on their favorite fantasy football platform!

Bonus: Invite your friends to join a league with you. Friends always make everything better!


Make your house the official get together place for football season! You can have themed food and drinks, fun games, and plenty of friends to hang out with! Football Season may consume your partner, but having a bunch of your friends over on weekends will make it much easier to get through the games, especially if you don’t enjoy watching them!


Football Season, whether it is NFL or College Football, can also be a bit about fashion. You can find cute accessories, tops, sweaters, socks, headbands, shirts-you name it, they have it! I just bought this “Football and Mimosas” shirt from Francesca’s and I feel like it was made just for me!

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, I’m pretty darn glad that I have an interest in football. I’m also glad that I expressed this interest before we had children. If we are having a get together or making it a family thing, it makes it much easier to get out of being on solo kid duty while my husband heads off to watch the game!

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