5 Things I Will NEVER Do As A Parent

Parenting is a tough task, as we all know. I think back to the time in my life where I didn’t quite have kids yet, but hoped they would be in my near future. I often made a list of all the things I would never, ever do as a parent. There were also some pretty ambitious ideas running through my head of how I would parent my children.

As every parent realizes after about 2 minutes of becoming a parent, everything you knew about parenting before you had kids completely gets thrown out the window. Reality sets in. Some days are wonderfully perfect. Some days you are just trying to survive until bedtime (and pray that they sleep long enough for you to regroup).

Here are the top 10 things that I will NEVER do as a parent. This list largely comes from the list of things I definitely, absolutely would do or would never do when I became a parent.

Happy kids jumping up and down with the text 5 things I will never do as a parent.

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5 Things I will NEVER Do As A Parent

I will NEVER be able to control that tantrum in aisle 9 of target.

The words “My child will never act like that” have come out of my mouth a time or two before. Let me tell you something. My kid definitely does act like that. It is incredibly likely that your child will act like that as well.

Of course parents everywhere teach their kids appropriate behavior and have their own rules and discipline/reward plans, but guess what. Nobody WANTS their kids to toss a dozen of cupcakes across the bakery aisle, but despite best efforts it still may happen.

I will NEVER completely ditch the Tablet

Ipad, tablet, whatever you want to call it. Judge me if you must, but I don’t care. It’s a digital world and if your 2 year old isn’t streaming their cartoons from your phone to the tv, they are already behind. Ok, so kidding about that part (sorta) but in reality it is a skill they need to know. Maybe not at 2, but they do learn to use technology in daycare and preschool.

Listen. My husband has wonky work hours and I spent a lot of time alone with my children. If I want to meet up with my friends and ya know, interact with actual adults, there are times where my kids need to tag along. I feel zero percent guilty for giving them their tablet so they can happily and quietly watch Ryan Toy’s Review while I catch up with my friends. The time spent with my friends allows me the chance to be “Jamie” instead of “Mason and Drew’s Mom”. That 1-2 hours of tablet time allows me to regroup to be a better mom. It just does.

Now, please keep in mind that I do not think it should be a free for all with the screen time in the slightest. I’m just saying that there are people who constantly talk smack and judge parents for giving their kids an electronic device so they can take a little bit of time to regroup. Don’t be this person!

I will NEVER be able to keep up with the chore/routine chart I once dreamed up in my mind.

There are parents who totally nail the chore chart situation (which is total #goals over here), but I’m not one of them, and that’s ok. I have tried and tried and tried but I always fall off the wagon…hard.

My kids help out, but a consistent chore routine is something I cannot keep up with. Instead of feeling like a failure of a mom because we didn’t have a pretty little checklist to manage I simply made a system that works for us. I adopted the policy that “If we work together the cleaning will get done quicker”. It’s working quite nicely for us and even though they may pout they see that I’m helping, dad’s helping, and that they need to help as well.

Moral of the story: You gotta try things until you figure out what works for you!

I will NEVER have my sh*t together.

I really envisioned a nice and neat diaper bag, organized closets and toy bins, and outfits that are completely put together. In my mind my house would be spectacular and I would be all kinds of put together.

None of that is happening. Not even close. I don’t even know why that was an idea I had in my mind. If you see pictures of my kitchen looking clean, that means the laundry is piled up pretty darn high. If I have hair and makeup done, my kids probably look homeless. You see a fancy meal cooked over here? That means that I have no idea what my kids just did upstairs for the last hour. You get the idea.

I try not to look at anyone’s social media and think “Oh, they really have it all together.” I know that we are all just doing the best we can. Honestly, I think that it’s OK for social media to be a little highlight reel. In parenting and in life there is good moments and bad moments that happen daily. It’s nice to be able to look over your own social media as a reminder that you have a lot to be grateful for!

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When it comes to parenting, I will NEVER say I WILL NEVER again!

Basically anything I ever said “I will never” to has turned into something that I do….often. Bottom line is that we never know what parenting will throw our way.

Are you guilty of the “I will never”? I know I can continue to add to the list! Tell us in the comments below! Please share with a parent who would enjoy this read!


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  1. momudaughter says:

    I love this!! So funny and I relate to it all. I look forward to the day I can say I have my shit together, but currently I don’t either…lol.

    1. I don’t think any of us completely have our shit together!!

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