Hotworx Winter Garden: The New Boutique Gym Near Me

Hotworx: New Gym Near Me

Hotworx Gym Near me in Winter Garden, featuring meal replacement shakes and workout attire.
Hotworx Winter Garden

It has been quite the struggle trying to get in shape since having kids. I keep talking about how I need to lose the “baby weight”, but my youngest will almost be 5, so at this point we all know it is just an excuse!

Earlier this spring a new gym near me announced it was opening and my neighbors and I signed up during the pre-sale. Last week was our first week at the gym so I want to start a running post about my experience and my progress!

What is Hotworx?

In simple terms, you workout in a Sauna. Hotworx uses infrared heat that allows your body to warm up faster. This means workouts are shorter than your typical gym session. Cycle classes are only 15 minutes! Shorter workouts were one of the big reasons I was attracted to Hotworx, of course the location-it’s great having a gym near me!

The Hotworx gym has quite the list of workout options, including a core class, cycle, yoga, Pilates, and even a buns class. Each class takes place in a small sauna that can hold 3 people. Instructors are virtual and the classes run on a loop. Since there are no live instructors, we are able to have access to the gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You schedule your classes online and track your progress through an app and a fitness device such as a fitbit or an Apple Watch. I have a Google Watch, and it works just fine.

There is also a section that has free weights and a few machines (and “the ropes”). The best part about this area is that they have two TV’s that give you a little extra assistance with workouts, which is extremely helpful for someone like me, as I have no idea what to do with weights and machines!

As far as working out in a hot sauna goes, are tons of health benefits that are a result of working out in heat and infrared energy. One of the benefits most discussed is the detox capabilities that infrared gives. Hotworx has a fantastic blog that gives you tons of information and specifics as far as the heat and infrared are concerned! Read the blog HERE.

Week 1 at Hotworx Winter Garden

As of today (7/18/19) I have completed my first week at the gym so I wanted to give a little review of my experience and my progress.

The gym itself is super nice. It is extremely clean (it’s brand new, so expected), and the owners and staff areas friendly as they come.

So far I thoroughly enjoy the gym. The class schedules are flexible and there is a variety of classes to chose from, so I haven’t had a chance to get bored. I’ve enjoyed all of the workouts. The added heat makes things extra intense, but it does feel good to sweat it out!

The workouts are short enough that we usually do two in a row. Some days have been harder than others, but we have managed to go 6 of the past 7 days.

Of course since it has only been a week I have not seen any results as far as weight loss goes, but I do have some info to share 3 amazing benefits I have noticed so far, including one I never thought of!

  • Improved Skin: My skin is the hottest of hot messes and I am constantly battling to try to take care of it properly, and I actually noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin within the first 2 days of going. I don’t know if it’s the heat or all the water I have been drinking, but I’ll take it!
  • More Energy: This could very well be placebo in action, but I had much more energy and motivation, and noticed that I felt a little “blah” on the day I stayed home. This was expected and I know that consistent exercise has such a big influence on my energy levels and my mood, so I don’t know why I have such commitment issues with exercise! I hope the excitement of a new gym near me doesn’t wear off and that I can keep up with this new routine!
  • NO HEADACHES ALL WEEK. This was unexpected and such a huge benefit for me. I get headaches almost daily. Some I can feel are stress headaches or are due to strain in the neck and shoulder area. Others are sinus headaches. I actually had a very bad headache the first day I went to the gym and within a few hours it was gone and I haven’t had one since. I am assuming that it is clearing my sinuses and relaxing my muscles to a point where I’m not getting headaches? I will keep you posted on this one! If this keeps up the gym membership will be cheaper than all the medicine I use for headaches and allergies on a monthly basis!

In Conclusion

So far my week at the gym has been a success. I will admit that having my neighbors go along with me each day really helps with the motivation! I did take before pictures, and I swear they looked like I was taking pictures of my pregnant belly. I hope that over time I have enough progress that I will feel confident enough to show you the before picture!

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