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Every great mom blog needs an introduction post, right?

Ok, so maybe not every mom blog needs an intro post, but it just seems like a a great place to start. I am Jamie, AKA “Momming With Mimosas”. I’m a mom of two boys ages 4 and 6 and as you probably guessed I just so happen to be a fan of mimosas. Parenting life for me has always been a work in progress, but I’m learning to always make the most of it!

This is a blog for moms who just want to have fun. It’s for the moms who want to make memories with their children while still maintaining a sense of self. For moms who work hard and play harder. It’s for moms who want to nurture their friendships. It’s for moms who want to travel the world. Basically, it’s for moms who want to love on their kids without losing touch with everything else that makes them THEM!

I am excited to share my parenting experience with you, and I’ll be back soon with my next post! Coming up in the next few month’s we will talk about tips to help achieve (or atleast “kind of” achieve) the elusive work/life balance, traveling with kids, and of course alll the parenting tips I can dig up! Feel free to comment below with some topics that you would love to read about! Until then, be sure to follow me on Instagram at Momming With Mimosas!



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